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rebaja del 50%

Updated: Aug 9, 2019

1-10-1 | 1 Location - 10 Images - 1 Hour

2019 - Mallorca, Spain

Costa del Teatre, Palma de Mallorca

Another day, another place, again one hour. Unfortunately not as sunny as last time.

I had the idea already in mind. People doing heavy shopping on the big sale days after the holiday season. Expecting big and heavy bags all around.


The very first view.

Girl meets Girl
Shopping Cart


I found a nice place to stay for a while - 1 hour.


Right in front of a big stairway, with a lot of motion up and down.

In Motion

In Style


Some views came nicely together


Perfect ...

... and Match


And who is watching whom ?



The shopping tour continues.


One more bargain ahead

Everybody has something to carry on.

Bags might vary !

And sometimes it is all about the bag, and not its content.

5" x 6" | 12 x 14 cm


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